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Eco-friendly and sustainability from the production point of view are increasingly important issues and catalyze the attention of not only the experts but also the multitude of companies and consumers who, thanks to the spread of a culture increasingly focused on protecting the environment and saving non-renewable resources, are able to choose and recognize products and companies whos positive behaviors respect the enviroment.
Stainless steel is a material strongly avant-garde from the point of view of ecology. Not only regards to the intrinsic ability to be completeley recycled but also because of the absence of polluting elements both during the active life of the metal and during the scrapping and recovery. Thanks to the fact that the production processes of stainless steel requires much less power consumption than the processing and manufaturing of other metals. Stainless steel is therefore able to optimize the ratio between the functional advantages that arise from its use and the imbalance that the manufacturing can cause on our ecosystem. To underline this, thanks to the characteristic rust resistance of stainless steel, this material does not need further coverings or coatings like paint, that are not easily disposable once scrapped, and which would produce toxic fumes in the event of combustion.
In addition, stainless steel is also one of the most used materials to reduce the impact of other forms of pollution such as in disposal plants, incinerators, in plants for water purification and for the storage of toxic and dangerous waste. Stainless may also be used in the construction of elements of alternative energy production, as in the case of solar energy panels.
Therefore, stainless steel is to be considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials from the preventive point of view. Choosing stainless steel means protecting the environment.
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