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We work exclusively with high quality materials with specific characteristics according to the use to which they are intended. In more detail, the stainless steels we use are classified according to their composition and the degree of corrosion resistance. Thanks to the careful choice and the constant search of new and innovative stainless steel materials we are able to provide certifications specific to each individual delivery including origin, composition and characteristics of the materials used. Facilitas guarantees the strict compliance with the common norms on accident prevention and safety (Italian Legislative Decree # 81 dated 9 April 2008). We also guarantee that on our products you will not find dangerous sharp edges or burrs that generally characterize the metalworking of stainless steel. 
The safety guaranteed by our products is not limited only to the active working life of our production. Thanks to the corrosion resistance of stainless steel we use once the products are scrapped they can be left waiting to be recycled for years, subjected to the elements and various corrosive factors without releasing elements in the environment, also thanks to the total absence of paint or protective coverings of any kind on the stainless steel. At the request of our customers, we are able to provide documentation certifying the quality of the material and the specific characteristics of each product supplied
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